Design thinking is a creative process which fosters innovation and helps building up of ideas based on radical collaboration. Creativity and Visualization are the main tools that we use during the whole process, from ideating to building and testing.

Sometimes you have a rough idea, a concrete problem, a vague wish, or a hard objective, but you have no clue how to achieve it. Thinking different is a need.

We can help you or your team to reflect, analyse and come up with new ideas through innovative methodologies and cutting-edge tools based on visualization, co-creation and people involvement.


These innovative methodologies can be used to accomplish many kinds of goals, such as:

  • Collaborative thinking (e.g. to explore new ideas).
  • Strategic planning (e.g. to drive strategy and product/service roadmap decisions).
  • Better understanding (e.g. to identify areas for improvement and define action plans).
  • Improving strategic abilities (individuals and work teams) to reflect, analyse and communicate.


We can play three different roles depending on your needs:

  • Design thinkers
  • Visual facilitators
  • Creative assistants

We offer our know-how and expertise pushing for innovation and user-centered design over ten years to foster creative thinking and build up of  ideas mainly based on co-creation and innovative tools such as:

  • Metaphors and conceptual drawing
  • Concept maps and Mind mapping
  • Early prototyping
  • Innovation games

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