Multimedia resources are... images visual metaphors concept maps audio tracks high-quality photos live action video illustrations music tracks vector files


  • Digital images, raster format (.jpg, .png, etc)
  • Digital layered images (.psd)
  • Vector files (.eps, .ai, .svg, etc)
  • Audio and Video
  • Paper sketches


In addition to our creative products and services, we also offer assistance services about multimedia content such as graphics, video or audio editing.

In many cases you do not need to hire an expensive design or post-production studio, but some easy, fast and affordable help for daily multimedia editing works such as:

  • Raster or vector graphics editing (e.g. photoediting, creating vector images with Adobe Illustrator®, etc).
  • Pre-printing assistance (e.g. conversion of color modes, RGB-CMYK,  export for high-quality printing, etc).
  • Basic video and audio editing (e.g. cutting some parts of a video, speeding up/down video content, audio over-laying, texts over-lapping, adding/removing audio tracks, joining several video files into one, etc).
  • File conversion, supported a lot of video and audio formats (e.g.  .mp4,  .mov,  .flv,  .wav,  .mp3,  etc)

We can be that fast, easy and affordable multimedia assistance that you need the 90% of the time.

Not sure if we could help? Contact us with no obligation and let us know about your needs.